Coin Jolt is a decentralized private equity fund that manages assets globally utilizing leading asset class diversification and portfolio management strategies. Their asset management practices are based on fundamental economic and market principles that mitigate risk and strive to innovate towards being able to generate consistently profitable returns.

The enterprise's foundation is based on maintaining a top priority in the security of holdings, as well as, monitoring and routinely storing digital assets in distributed inaccessible storage offline with banking partners.

With an opposition to drive stability, reduce volatility in digital currency prices and create economic growth, merging a combination of asset classes through their products and services.

Blockchain based technologies is a considered an emerging asset class affecting virtually every sector throughout the global economy, creating ecosystems worth hundreds of billions of dollars. They strive to be at the forefront of these changes by providing an opportunity for incredibly high returns through investment opportunities, non-governance systems and innovative applications.

The enterprise is based on creating and developing asset management based strategies in combination with solution oriented and utility based applications that are able to generate dividends to shareholders, monthly interest in correlation to the ratio of tokens held, secure asset class exposure, portfolio diversification and equity across a variety of holdings.

Private Equity

Decentralized Private Equity Enterprise

Coin Jolt Shares are the first decentralized securities token that offers similar characteristics of a share certificate in an otherwise publicly traded company.

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Wealth Distribution

Wealth Distribution Network

Our mission is to deliver safe and secure, reliable and quality products and services to the community.

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